I have a MIRROR Code for YOU

I’ve talked before about Mirror as a favorite form of exercise. Check this out for more about our family’s experience with this incredible piece of equipment. After having the Mirror for a year now, we are still just as happy that we chose to purchase it. Some days, the workouts supplement a run on the trail. Other days, Mirror trainers provide our entire daily exercise regimen. Whether we want to sweat or just stretch, Mirror and its many trainers have what we need.

YOU can try Mirror, too. With my code, you will receive a $100 bonus discount that can be combined with the current Mirror holiday promotion for $850 in total savings!

Sound good? Looking for a way to get fit in your own home? Give Mirror a try! Want to know one of our favorite things about having Mirror? It simply looks like a full-length mirror until we turn it on and activate the trainers using the app on our phones. If it seems too good to be true, it kind of is!

Click HERE to access the Mirror website. Use this referral code at checkout and get ready to be amazed!



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