What If…We Do It All

It was💐 prom weekend in our town. After a year with lots of changes, cancellations, and complications, prom was 🎉welcomed. It signaled a return to normal- even though the kids had to add 😷masks to their accessories and social ⬅️➡️distance at the dance. No worries- it was better than nothing. It was traditional high school fun, and that is exactly what these kids needed. ✅

I remember my senior prom and the purple 👗dress that I wore. There was a Rick Springfield concert in town that night- and I grew up in a place with few concerts. I didn’t want to miss the prom, though. It seemed like a no-brainer to go. In hindsight, I wished I had chosen the concert over the prom. 😂

I was part of an awesome 🤩 parent group for this prom. We worked together to organize an evening of fun for a bunch of pretty great kids. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the parents had as much fun as the kids at the pre-prom festivities. 🥳I’m grateful for these families and the roles they play in our lives.💞We all need friends like that.

I think it’s important to have those occasions like proms, too. Those moments mark the movement of time. ⏰They are rites of passage. You remember them fondly- even when you wished you saw Rick Springfield instead. 🥰

Attend all of those proms life has to offer for as long as you can. 💯Soak it up! As Thomas Rhett sings, “You only get one go around.” What if…we do it all? Make memories that will last a lifetime- and invite your friends along for the ride. Life is richer when we open ourselves up to adventure and experience it together.💖

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