Got That Second Vaccine

Just like the nurse told me when I received the first dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine, the clinic called me to schedule that second dose. It was exactly 28-days from the first dose that I sat back down in the chair, completed the questionnaire, and got that needle in my arm. The spot bled a bit last time. The nurse couldn’t even find the puncture to cover with a bandage for this one.

Because I had chills, body aches, and a fever that hung around 101.5 for about 24-hours with the last one, I decided to take the day off following this round. I received the vaccine after school yesterday. By early evening, I started to feel slight chills. When I went to bed, I noticed some body aches- nothing too bothersome, though. As the night continued, the chills and body aches became intense. I could also tell that my fever was going up. When I finally decided to get out from under my two blankets to take my temperature, it was 102.2. It stayed that way throughout the morning- along with the body aches. The chills have gone away. I have zero energy or appetite. As friends who had similar reactions to the second shot have told me, these side effects should go away after 24-hours or so. Meanwhile, I rest and wait it out.

There’s a two-week period until the vaccination is considered complete. When that is over, guess what? I can be around my mother who lives in a senior living community. It’s been a year since she’s been able to ride in a vehicle with me or come to my home. We spent the summer chatting through our masks outside in a parking lot that had chairs 6-feet apart. I know that the masks aren’t going anywhere yet, and I’m fine with that. The fact that both of us will be fully vaccinated allows for some freedoms to open up. That’s a WIN!

I’m grateful for the vaccine. It was the right decision for me. Can’t wait until my husband can get his vaccine, too.


  1. I felt like I got hit by a truck and was definitely down after the second one but only for a day! I am excited that I can be around others who are vaccinated and no worries and also having that sense of relief knowing I can’t get it. And until everyone is vaccinated masks it is and keeping my distance still:)

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      1. Exactly:) Doesn’t mean life’s back to normal but definitely makes me feel less worried. Glad you are too:)

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