Mirror- Our New Favorite Workout

Our family is active. We like to get a good sweat going every day. We run races- well, we did run races before the pandemic put a halt to those kinds of things. Hiking. Yoga. Strength training. We like all of it!

We were looking for an at-home workout program that would work for all of us. Our fitness levels and needs are different, so finding one program was tough. We also wanted something that would fit into our home without taking up an entire room. We stumbled onto something called the Mirror. Curious- we started watching the videos and combing through their entire website for every detail. This product seemed to be everything we were searching for in a home “gym.” We ordered it online (financing is available, although we found it less expensive than some other similar products). It was delivered and ready to use within a couple of weeks. The customer service has been phenomenal. They’ve been responsive and helpful with every question.

Using the Mirror app on our phones, we have access to hundreds of classes with a wide variety of trainers. Barre. Boxing. Chair. Cardio. Competitive. Dance. Kickboxing. Meditation. Pilates. Pre/Post Natal. Strength. Stretch. Tai Chi. Toning. Yoga. Even one for Family Fun. Many of the workouts use just bodyweight. Others use weights, resistance bands, or other accessories. You can choose to purchase a heart monitor and bands through Mirror. You can join classes live or watch on-demand. There’s even a way to schedule appointments with personal trainers.

I know that I’m oversimplifying it, but here’s the basic premise. A mirror hangs on or leans against the wall. When it is off, it merely looks and functions like a regular mirror. After it is turned on and paired with your phone, hologram trainers guide you through the classes of your choice. You can even listen to a preprogrammed playlist as your trainer works your body.

After using Mirror for a few weeks, our family has no complaints. We’ve found our favorite classes and levels. My go-to classes are in the Toning category, with Lonnie as the trainer. My husband often works with Katie on Cardio. Our daughters love Pilates with Patricia and Strength with Gerren.

We’re just getting started! There’s so much to explore on Mirror. The classes are well-designed. The trainers are motivating and encouraging. The technology is impressive. Best of all- it just looks like a mirror when we’re not using it.


    1. They CAN see and hear you- during the live classes and the personal training sessions. Isn’t that wild? I haven’t tried any of those yet. I started with sampling the on-demand classes. It’s a fun way to get a great workout.

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